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Meet the Team


Crystal Liechty


Crystal Liechty is the mastermind behind the Please Don’t Call Child Services webtoon, which details the always funny and often inappropriate hijinx involved in homeschooling three mischievous children. If you’ve been to college lately, you might have seen one of her essays in the Elements of Arguments or Structure of Arguments textbooks (Macmillan Press). When not homeschooling or torturing college students with argumentative essays, Crystal can be found watching Korean dramas, teaching herself Kpop dances or in general working as an unofficial ambassador for South Korean culture.


Steven Heumann


Steve started drawing at a young age, and always loved comic books and cartooning. As an adult most of Steve's professional work has been in television and film, producing and reporting for the long-running outdoor adventure program At Your Leisure for the past 15 years. He continues as a host to this day, as well as hosting internet pop culture program G3EK. As a writer and director, Steve has had the chance to work with some of the top talent in the west. Now he returns to his first love by drawing the adventures of the Liechty family.